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Why PrepMeal?

Why PrepMeal?

At PrepMeal, customer satisfaction is paramount and we ensure that only the most delicious, fresh and healthy food reaches our precious customers all over the UAE. The ingredients for the meal are carefully picked by UAE's top nutritionists bearing in mind the macros, calories and nutritional content. These values are viewable from the customer's personal dashboard as per the weight strategy chosen.

Did you know that our meals are prepared by chefs with 5-star hotel experience? That's what makes our meals healthy and tasty! Now that's a combination you don't wanna miss! If that wasn't enough, the meals may be customised to your satisfaction. For example, you may choose to have your fish/chicken/beef grilled or boiled or baked with no oil while maintaining the delicious and scrumptious taste. We also allow modification of ingredients on a best effort basis so that customers don't feel like they are on a boring diet. Our goal is to create healthy habits in our customers rather than restrict them to strict diets.

The growth of PrepMeal as an Emirati brand was possible due to the loyal feedback from our valued customers who enjoyed the Customer Service, who were able to achieve their weight goals with their respective meal plans. It’s time to say goodbye to dietary restrictions and welcoming the trend of healthy habits.

Live Healthier, Eat Healthier!

PrepMeal allows customers to measure their progress through a dashboard which indicates calories per meal, nutritional information and total daily consumption which plays a major role in maintaining overall health and well-being of the individual. We also have a well curated Frequently Asked Questions section that answers all your questions in a unique and streamlined manner.

Decision for healthy life and well-being is hard, but Prep Meal makes it easier for all!